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As winter approaches, keeping your home warm and comfortable (without piling on the blankets) becomes a top priority, even in Florida. However, as you turn up the heat, the cost of running your heater or furnace can quickly add up if you’re not careful.

But we’ve got great news for you – there are plenty of ways that you can reduce your heating costs when winter rolls around! To help you prep for chilly weather, we’ve put together a short guide that explores the best ways to reduce HVAC costs for heating and keep your home cozy without breaking the bank.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

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Upgrading your thermostat to a smart thermostat can offer you greater control over your HVAC system. Smart thermostats can learn your preferences, hold your desired temperatures, and turn off heating (or cooling) when needed. Plus, you can control your thermostat from your phone and set schedules, so the heat is always on when you need it.

This won’t just help your home stay at the perfect temperature all winter. You’ll also get the added benefits of cutting costs by adjusting the temperature when you’re not around to enjoy the heat. We recommend smart thermostats for saving money all year long – you can read more about them here!

Insulate Your Space

Weatherize your home by sealing air leaks and gaps around doors and windows. This can help trap warm air inside your home, making it feel cozier, reducing the workload on your HVAC system, and lowering your energy bill. It’ll also prevent cold air from sneaking in!

Did you know that the EPA suggests that homeowners can save up to 15% on their power bill with just insulation? Yes! You can choose from a variety of insulation, caulking, or weather-stripping options to seal off any gaps in your windows and doors to eliminate drafts and prevent heat from escaping.

Keep Up Your HVAC Maintenance

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Dirty filters and ductwork can restrict airflow and force your furnace to work harder than it needs to – in turn, making your utility bill skyrocket. Taking the time to professionally clean and maintain your HVAC system regularly can improve its efficiency and prolong its lifespan while keeping heating costs in check.

Enjoy the Sunshine

During the colder (and naturally dryer) months of the year, many people experience low indoor humidity levels due to their heating systems. Low humidity levels can cause dry skin, static electricity, and discomfort for people with respiratory problems. Installing a humidifier in your home can add moisture to the air, improving these issues. Humidifiers work by emitting water vapor into the air, increasing the humidity levels and providing relief for these symptoms.

Alternatively, summer days can mean high humidity levels in your home that can lead to issues such as mold growth, dust mites, and foul odors – a particularly bad problem in Florida! A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, which not only makes the indoor air quality healthier but also minimizes the effects of humidity on home building materials. Dehumidifiers can also help you stay comfortable -after all, high humidity makes air feel warmer, sticky, and unpleasant!

Cut Costs (But Never Comfort!)

You and your family deserve the most comfortable home without breaking the bank. The best way to reduce your energy bill costs for heating is by understanding how your HVAC system works and implementing simple measures to cut costs – like upgrading your thermostat, weatherizing your home, and cleaning your system. With just a few simple tricks you can reduce your heating costs without sacrificing comfort, achieving the best of both worlds!

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