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HVAC in Your Home: Types of Central Heating Systems

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Just as there are many types of air conditioning units and systems that are used in Florida and all across the US. But did you know that there are just as many types of central HVAC systems for heating? Most heaters run off of electricity, propane, or oil, but the way that they all works to heat your house are very different.

Whether you’re replacing your current system or you’re just curious, there are many sizes and models of heating systems to consider for your own home. We’re going to look at the three most popular types of heating systems that you will find in Florida residences.

Central HVAC System for Home Heating

When consulting with a professional AC and heating company, you’ll be able to find out about available systems for your home, how they work, and what your space and set-up can accommodate. However, learning a little bit ahead of time will help you understand what the different options are and how they work.

The three most common types of heaters in America are the furnace, boiler, and heat pump. However, there are other kinds of heaters that your HVAC company may offer, like radiant heating, hybrid heaters, or baseboard heaters.


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Furnaces are a type of central heating system for homes that use propane, natural gas, oil, or electricity to heat air and then move it through ductwork to warm up the house. Because furnaces are a forced air distribution system, they use ductwork and vents throughout the home, which can be used for cooling the home during warmer months as well.

Did you know that furnaces are the most popular types of central heating in America? Nearly half of all homes use a types of furnace in the winter, with natural gas being the most common fuel source. Modern furnaces offer up to 98% efficiency, making them economical as well.


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Boilers are another common type of home heating system. It is very similar to the concept of a furnace, but it uses liquid instead of air. A boiler is a radiator distribution system that uses hot water or steam to heat the house. Instead of ductwork, a boiler has pipes to pump the hot water.

Boilers let you take advantage of zoned heating and cooling, but they are also much more expensive than furnaces. They also cost more to use in the colder months, utilizing natural gas, propane, electric, or fuel to run.

Heat Pumps

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Heat pumps are another kind of residential heating system that you might recognize. They use geothermal or electricity to work, and one of the biggest benefits of heat pumps is that they can be used to both heat and cool the home.

Heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat in and out of the home instead of heating air or water directly. In cold months, the heat pump removes heat from outdoors and moves it indoors, where it heats the home. It does the reverse in hot months – removing heat from indoors and moving it outside. This type of system is often very efficient.

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While heat pumps are great for doing both heating and AC, they are best used in milder climates, like Florida, where the winters don’t dip below freezing very often.

Install a New System for Keeping Away the Cold

So, what’s the best type of heating system for your home? That depends on a variety of factors including your climate, budget, and desired comfort level. If you’re considering a new heater or a system repair, call Cool Rays. Our team will work with you to find the right system for your needs and budget. We look forward to helping you stay warm all winter long!

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