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Not all outside AC components are built equally when it comes to dealing with the seaside area. While we all love the cool breeze of the ocean and tropical climate, exposure to the salt and humidity can lead to a bad time for your AC’s outside components. Every HVAC system is designed to be reliable and robust, but at Cool Rays AC we take it a step further with our coastal AC systems! Check out what we can do to protect your system from aging and corrosion.

Why a Coastal AC System is the Right Choice

Many homes are next to or near the seashore in Brevard. Having a system that’s unequipped to handle the salt and humidity in the air can be a disaster for your budget. Depending on how close you are to the water, you might end up replacing your AC system two to three times as often (not to mention the repairs). Our solution? Take back control with our Coastal AC Systems, which have environmental safeguard to protect your system from the unique conditions of the Space Coast!

Protect Your Home’s AC System

Have you ever left a metal bucket or tool in an outside shed for a long time in Brevard? Many homeowners don’t consider the impact of the saltwater in our air when it comes to outside equipment. This is especially true with HVAC systems because we know that they are designed to have outside equipment. However, some of the most important parts are housed outside of your home, and it’s doubly important to protect them from weathering and corrosion.

At Cool Rays AC, we offer a variety of options for protecting your investment when you buy a new AC system. Our coastal AC systems are designed to fight rust and corrosion. Not only does the cabinet housing the compressor and condenser have special multi-layers of protective paint, the components inside are also coated with an epoxy to prevent corrosion. Sand and debris from your seaside location will also have a difficult time penetrating the specially-designed case!

air conditioning unit with damaged fins from salt air corrosion

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When your old AC system fails, we start every replacement by evaluating your space. A huge part of this process is not just installing your new system, but deciding what system is right for you. When it comes to your coastal AC system, we take it a step further by making sure that the new installation is located in the best spot outside. This can protect it from additional exposure to weathering, storms, and damage!

cool rays air conditioning and heating truck

Maintaining Your System

At Cool Rays, our job isn’t done when we install your system. Regular maintenance is critical to cleaning sensitive areas and maintaining the protective coatings on your system. Having a specially designed coastal AC system will extend the lifespan of your system, but routine service will make sure that it runs perfectly all year round. Even a small amount of salt corrosion can start to wear on your system, making it perform poorly. It doesn’t matter what kind of system you have – regular inspections can save you thousands of dollars in energy savings and repair costs!

Coastal AC systems are proven to run longer and more efficiently near the ocean and it’s salty breeze. By keeping your system clean of sand and salt deposits, you’ll make sure that your power bill stays low, your home stays cool, and your AC system runs smooth for years and years. Give us a call to find out if this option is right for your home!

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