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Want to stay cool all year long? Trust your AC tune-up and air conditioning service to Melbourne’s best in HVAC. Living on the Florida coast brings added stress to every air conditioning system. Between keeping your home cool, fighting the humidity, and providing healthy air to breathe, your air conditioning system has a tough job. A well-maintained system lasts longer, has fewer repairs, and keeps your energy bill low while doing its job. The best way to ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency is regular maintenance from trained professionals!

Regular Service = Smooth Sailing

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your air conditioning running like a dream. Many homeowners ask us, “Why should I spend more money when nothing is wrong?” The answer is simple. Humidity, heat, and mold are just a few factors of coastal living that add stress to your system. Yearly maintenance will keep away salt corrosion, moisture damage, and daily wear-and-tear – adding years of service to your system!

What IS Routine Air Conditioning Service?

Believe it or not, there’s a lot that happens during a routine tune-up for your system. Our semi-annual checks look at every part of your air conditioning system while also completing routine maintenance. Small matters can progress into major issues down the road, so our goal is keep your AC running smoothly even on the hottest days!

During our inspections, we will check the filters, return and supply lines, refrigerant, electrical, motor, fans, and every other moving part. Your HVAC system is full of complex pieces that need cleaning, oiling, or replacing (like air filters) to keep them working properly and maintaining your indoor air quality. Cool Rays AC technicians are qualified and skilled in servicing a wide variety of systems, so we’ll be prepared to make sure your air conditioning is in top condition at the end of our check!

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Don’t Wait for a Problem

A little maintenance goes a long way!

Even if your air conditioner seems to be fine, it never hurts to get a check-up. Just like your own body, air conditioners have a lot going on under the surface that needs extra care. Over time, dust, mold, moisture, and heat begin to affect your system. Little problems easily turn into major malfunctions that need emergency AC service. Routine air conditioning service gives your system the cleaning and troubleshooting that it needs to keep your home cool!

AC System Service from Brevard’s Best

Working with a professional means that your air conditioning service is in good hands. Did you know that we’re the best HVAC company under the sun? Between our experience in HVAC and technical know-how, our team is fully equipped to make sure that you stay cool all year long. Unexpected malfunctions can lead to costly repairs, a hot home, and even property damage.

Our licensed and fully insured team is ready to make sure that your air conditioning system is operated at full capacity at every turn. We’re ready to bring you greater comfort combined with top-notch customer service, helpful and experienced technicians, and low-cost options to fit your budget. Leave the cleaning, tuning, and troubleshooting to us!

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