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When to Call for 24-Hour AC Repair | Melbourne FL

When you live in Florida, air conditioning is your only way to get through the day without suffering in the sweltering sunshine and humid heat. Air conditioning is one of the most important parts of your home, no matter what part of the state you’re in!

But when your air conditioner starts to break down or have issues, it’s sometime hard to know when to call for AC repair and when your air conditioner repair is an emergency. Today, we’re going to look at when homes in Melbourne FL and the surrounding area of the Brevard County Space Coast should be calling their local HVAC technicians for emergency repairs.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Hours

You can get professional service for your AC during regular business hours from most AC system companies (which would be Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm). However, many residential and commercial clients require AC service outside of this schedule or during the weekend and holidays.

When you have to call for AC repairs outside of regular hours, you need 24-hour air conditioning repair. Several AC companies charge a higher rate for their HVAC technicians to come out for replacement, maintenance, and service. That’s why you have to know when you need help right now or when you can save money by getting professional help with minor issues during traditional business hours.

Times to Call for Your Repair

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When Cool Air is a Necessity: During the hot summers of Melbourne, FL, no AC can lead to an extreme air conditioning emergency. If the weather is going to be over 90 degrees (even at night), keep your family cool with a call.

When You Have Leaks: Cooling systems have pipes, condensers, coils, and other parts that can ice over or leak refrigerant. When this happens, you need to have a quick fix or else you’ll be facing water damage and mold in addition to AC repairs. Some systems, like the ductless mini split, have even great chances of leaking refrigerant because their set-up.

When Your Electric is Involved: If your AC turning on causes your home’s lights to flicker or creates a burning electrical scent, it’s time to call the professionals. This goes for your heating system as well. Electric problems can be dangerous and require the help of an expert company.

When You Don’t Have to Call

It’s a Simple Fix: Make sure to run through some basic troubleshooting if your system is still running. Replace the air filter. Check the thermostat, especially if it’s a new system or new thermostat. Clean the AC unit drain pipe.

If the Temperature is Down: Unless it’s winter and you’re calling or a furnace repair or issue with the heat, the cooler months will let you wait until the morning to call your air conditioning and heating company. Just keep the windows open to help with the temperature inside until you can have someone out.

If you have a heat pump for your current system, you’ll still need to call to use your heating systems.

If You’ll Need a New Unit: Air conditioners take a while to install. If you need a new AC unit for your Melbourne home, the company will probably have to schedule the installation of the cooling system another day. If you know you with need to discuss a replacement, call in the morning to have someone come out without an expensive service fee.

Give Us a Call for 24-Hour Services in Melbourne FL

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Are you having trouble with your air conditioning or heat? Get emergency AC services at any point (even during holidays and weekends) when you call Cool Rays AC! We’re the best HVAC under the sun.

We provide efficient, experienced service to every customer across Brevard, including Melbourne FL, Cocoa Beach FL, Indian Harbour Beach, Melbourne Beach, West Melbourne, Satellite Beach, and Merritt Island. Get assistance with service, maintenance, replacements, and even IAQ solutions (like UV lights and air scrubbers) for any and all your HVAC needs when you call Cool Rays AC!

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