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What Does an Air Scrubber Do?

Indoor air quality is becoming more and more important to homeowners as we learn about the impact of allergens and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) on health. We are all more concerned about keeping a healthy, clean environment in residential and commercial spaces – starting with the air we breathe!

While this is a great thing, it may have started you wondering about your own home and looking into the different devices that can help your indoor air quality. One of the leading pieces of equipment is the air scrubber! In this blog post, we’re going to answering your questions: what does an air scrubber do, and do I need one in my home?

All About Air Scrubbers

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An air scrubber is an HVAC device that purifies the air by attaching directly to your heating and cooling system and removing a wide variety of contaminants. An air scrubber is more than just an air purifier, though.

It targets and eliminates contaminants that are beyond the cope of other pieces of equipment – and this means that it filters out particles as well as sanitizing. It removes germs, dander, pollen, VOCs, bad odors, mold, viruses, dust, and air pollution. Some powerful air scrubbers can even clean the surfaces of your home!

How It Works

Air scrubbers are a very cool and surprisingly complex piece of technology. When contaminants and particles pass through an air scrubber, they are “zapped” by a powerful UVC light and go through a proprietary catalytic process that turns them into charged particles. The UV light kills pathogens and dust mites, and the charged ions become naturally antimicrobial. These charged particles continue to help clean the air and surfaces as they are released back into the air.

Pretty crazy, right? And an air scrubber does all this from inside your HVAC system’s ductwork!

Benefits to Using an Air Scrubber

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Air scrubbers are a great device for many homes. By killing pathogens, removing allergens and particles in the home, and reducing VOCs, a single air scrubber can dramatically improve the health of a home. Anyone who has allergies, respiratory problems, or seasonal sniffles can fight back against the unseen particles with air purification.

Beyond the health benefits of this device, you can also see an improvement for your air conditioning system or heater. By removing dust, dirt, and debris before it gets to the air handler, you reduce the build-up on your HVAC system. Over time, build-up will decrease your system’s efficiency, making it work harder. The result? A shorter lifespan for your air conditioner.

An air scrubber doesn’t just help your health – it helps your HVAC system too!

Get Your Own Air Scrubber Today

Interested in improving your indoor air quality, getting a cleaner home, and extending the life of your HVAC system? We don’t blame you. It sounds like it’s time to get your very own air scrubber installed in your ductwork! Contact your local air conditioning and heating company (like Cool Rays AC) to discuss how you can see all these benefits and start breathing better.

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