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How Can I Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

We all know about the dangers and consequences of air pollution, from smokestacks on the horizon to traffic jam fumes. But one thing that we often don’t think about in our day-to-day lives is the similar pollution that is in our homes. Even indoors, where the air seems fresh and harmless, there are important considerations for your health and safety: cleaning product vapors, pet allergens, paint fumes, and mold spores are just a few. So, you may be asking, “How can I improve my indoor air quality?” Luckily, there are many easy, simple ways to protect yourself indoors. By changing your air filters, investing in an air purifier, and preventing allergen build-up in your home, you can guarantee cleaner air and a more comfortable home for everyone!

NOTE: Asking about what indoor air quality (or IAQ) is? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Check out our page on IAQ to learn more about the the potential contaminants lurking in your home!

The Importance of a Clean Air Filter

Every professional AC company will tell you that it’s important to change your air filter every month, but they won’t always go into why this is important. While your cooling system works hard all year long to keep your home’s humidity down and the temperature perfect, it cycles through the air in your home. While it does this, it filters out many common contaminants that are floating around. Pet fur, mold spores, dust, and other particles get trapped in the air filter and removed from your home.

However, just like the lint in the dryer or the sink drain, these pollutants build up over time and you have to the replace the filter. When you don’t, the filter stops working effectively and you start breathing in all that gunk (plus, an old filter wears down your system faster while costing you more money in maintenance and repairs). As an top AC company in Brevard County, we are qualified to tell you that only good things can come from regularly changing your air filter!

Get an Air Purifier or Dehumidifier

air scrubber that has not been installed

Beyond just an air filter, an air purifier or dehumidifier can take your air quality to the next level. Depending on your specific needs, either or both can be a great improvement to your home. Air scrubbers, like the one you can see here, are installed as a part of your HVAC system. They are a very efficient way to filter hazardous particles from your home’s air as it is cycled through the system. Homes with pets, dust, bacteria, or mold can trigger asthmatic episodes and other negative health problems, and air scrubbers help with all of these pollutants. In addition, there are other air purifiers (like table-top devices) that can help in specific, problematic areas of your home. Along these same lines, a dehumidifier installed in your system or places carefully in a home can greatly reduce the risk of bacteria and mold growth in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas. Too much humidity can also make your home feel sticky and warm. Keeping your air clean means healthier, happier, and more comfortable living!

Clean Regularly and Reduce Problem Areas

vacuum cleaner resting on top of a rug

Cleaning your home is one of the best ways to help remove allergens and particles from surfaces, rugs, furniture, and floors. Have you noticed how rugs seem to collect pet fur and dirt every single day? Do you regularly find dust bunnies behind doors and under bookshelves? Believe it or not, these small things can impact your breathing in your home, especially for folks who have asthma or other respiratory concerns. Cleaning these often-forgotten areas regularly and removing clutter in your home will prevent dust and other particles from building up and polluting your air. Combined with a clean air filter and an air purifier, cleaning can minimize your encounters with day-to-day indoor air quality contaminants!

Not sure how to best improve your home’s indoor air quality? Don’t worry. Professional companies like Cool Rays AC Service in Brevard can help. Call your local IAQ experts to find out what might be causing itchy eyes, sore throats, or difficulty breathing in your home! Better breathing is just a call away, so make sure to schedule today.

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