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Top 3 Ways You Can Keep Your Air Clean (with Pets)

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We love our pets; in fact, they’re downright purr-fect (pardon the pun). However, we have to be real – the dirt, dander, and fur that comes along with cats and dogs is real. Not only does pet fur affect our allergies, it can also clog up the AC system or pump particle-filled air throughout the house.

If you have a central AC system in Florida, it’s important that you maintain your cooling system all year long (like cleaning your AC drain line!). And that means making sure that you’re taking the right steps to fight the fur build-up inside. Let’s take a look at our top three tips for keeping your HVAC system clean despite having one (or five) fuzzy friends indoors.

Brush, Brush, Brush!

Cats, dogs, rabbits, and other furry family members shed constantly – especially in the Florida heat. When your pet sheds, that fur doesn’t just build up in corners and under furniture. Dust bunnies can also cause issues for your HVAC system. When loose fur floats around and reaches the air intake for your AC, it can easily clog up your filters and create blockages in the system. Clogs don’t just impact your air quality, they also make your system work harder. Unnecessary strain on your system can cause breakdowns and higher energy builds. None of that sounds fun!

And what really helps? Brushing your pet! When you brush your cat or dog, you wrangle the fur into a trashcan instead of letting it loose in the house. A good brush, like these ones for dogs, capture the fur much more easily and keeps it from getting sucked up into your HVAC system. Plus – we all know your pet will love the extra attention!

Change Your Air Filter

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The first step to better indoor air quality is changing your system’s air filter. Especially if you have one or two (or more) furry pets at home. We always recommend changing your air filter once a month, but pet owners may find it necessary to change the filters more often. A clean filter leads to clean air pumping through the ducts (and an easier time for your system). A fur-free home won’t need as many filters during the year, but luckily air filters are an inexpensive way to keep your AC system happy.

Still struggling with pet fur and dander in your ducts? Try additional indoor air quality solutions with an AC company like us. Beyond your regular air filter, you may also benefit from an air filtration system (like an air scrubber) or a ventilator. Every indoor air quality product that helps with pet fur will also help with other allergens and particles, so you may want to consider an IAQ option for more than just dander!

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

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Fighting the excessive fur in your home? You can only do so much on your own. With the extra stress on your system, you’ll want to make sure that you’re scheduling AC maintenance twice a year. A tune-up and check-in with a professional AC company will ensure that you’re keeping an eye on your system. An experienced technician can clean your system and check for problems that may be caused by additional stress from fur. Finding potential issues early will prevent expensive, unexpected AC repairs as well as make sure your system is running smoothly. Call your local AC contractor like Cool Rays AC to schedule your routine, annual maintenance!

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