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Choosing Your AC System: Two-Stage Vs. Variable

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There’s plenty to consider when you’re looking at a new air conditioning installation with Cool Rays AC. From the size of your home to the size of your budget, every house is different – with different cooling needs. One of the first questions you’ll likely consider is whether to choose a two-stage AC system or a variable speed AC system. Both offer great benefits, especially in Florida, and are the perfect upgrade to a home that is still using a single-stage system. Today, we’re going to talk about both of these systems and how they can help you cut costs, reduce humidity, and give you the comfort you deserve!

Understanding the Difference: Two-Stage and Variable

A single-stage AC system is very simple: it either runs at maximum capacity or it’s off. When this kind of unit is on, it’s working full blast even if your home doesn’t need it. If you have this type of system, you’ll notice that it tends to turn off during the milder parts of the year unless you turn your AC system down to a much lower temperature.

The solution? A system that doesn’t just turn on or off. This is where two-stage and variable systems come in!

What is a two-stage AC system? Also know as a dual-stage system, this type of unit has two different speed settings for the compressor. It can run at full capacity, like a single-stage unit, or it can work at a lower setting that runs at 60 to 70 percent capacity. So, when your home doesn’t need the AC working overtime, you can count on a two-stage AC unit to keep you comfortable without wasting energy!

But, there’s a second, similar option as well. What is a variable AC system? A variable speed AC system works much like a dual-stage system – except that it takes everything to the next level. There aren’t one or two different speeds. Instead, a variable speed unit adjusts to accommodate any and all cooling needs. It can run at any capacity between zero and 100 percent, so it will adjust to operate at the perfect speed to provide steady, consistent cooling all day. A variable system is more expensive than a two-stage system, but it boosts your humidity control and comfort every day of the year.

Saving Money While Maximizing Comfort: Humidity and More

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Two stage AC systems and variable speed units are the latest in cooling technology. Now, let’s break down exactly why these systems go above and beyond the call of duty for comfort, efficiency, and cutting costs!

  • Humidity Control: Two-stage systems remove about 70% more moisture from your home than single-stage units. And wow, does it make a difference! Controlling the humidity in your home affects everything when you live in Florida. Wood warps, bacteria grow, and mold flourishes in homes that have elevated moisture levels. Protect your home with a system that reduces humidity all year!
  • Cutting Costs: Families spend about 54% of their household energy costs on heating and cooling. In Florida, that definitely makes sense – and it’s probably even higher! If you’re looking for a great way to reduce your energy costs all year long, a more efficient system is the answer. Reduced energy use doesn’t just effect your bills. You’ll also get a system that needs way fewer repairs, requires reduced maintenance, and lasts longer!
  • Keeping Comfortable: We’ve talked about humidity control, but we haven’t told you the worst part of high humidity. On days when your single-stage system has decided to turn off (like the fall, winter, and spring), the air conditioning isn’t filtering out extra moisture and the air flow stops. This means that your whole home feels sticky and uncomfortable. A two-stage or variable speed system can fix this!

Take control of your home’s humidity, comfortable, and dreaded energy bills. If you’re looking at a new or upgraded air conditioning system, it’s time to consider the best on the block. Is a two-stage or variable speed system right for you?

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