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How Do I Find a Good AC Repair Company?

Just like when you need a plumber, roofer, or general contractor, finding a good HVAC company is essential to getting the best results. At Cool Rays AC, we understand the importance trusted, reliable work for every AC repair or replacement. But as a homeowner, you may be asking yourself this critical question: “How do I find a good AC company in my area?” Scrolling through your options, you should make sure that you choose a local, licensed, and insured HVAC company with around-the-clock service! Finding a company that cares about the community, provides excellent customer service, and delivers outstanding results isn’t that difficult when you know what to look for. Let’s break it down together!

Support Your Local Businesses

For some things, like your Publix run for groceries, you may choose to do business with big-name brands. For contracting work, we always recommend working with a local, family-run business. Why? Local businesses take the extra time, energy, and care for their neighbors. Large HVAC companies that work on a large scale can’t provide the same quality of personalized, fast services that a local company can. National companies not only respond slower to service requests, they also tend to have lower quality customer service. With a local HVAC repair company, you’ll be able to build a long-lasting relationship with technicians that you see over and over again. With a company like Cool Rays AC, you might even have the company owner show up for your bi-annual maintenance or AC system replacement!

Stay Safe: Fully Licensed and Insured

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Besides a new roof, getting an AC system replaced or repaired is one of the biggest investments you’ll make as a homeowner. The first step that you should take to protect yourself with expensive equipment like your cooling system is this: make sure that your AC company choice is fully licensed and insured in Brevard County, Florida, or your area. Proper licensing for contractors means that they are certified to work on the complicated equipment in your home, whether it’s fixing components, cleaning the unit, or replacing the entire system. Licensing also has experience and education requirements, so an active HVAC license is an indication that you’re working with a professional company equipped to handle your AC service needs. In fact, in Florida, there are even exams that companies must pass to be licensed.

Insurance is also critical for any reputable HVAC company. If something happens on the job, whether it’s a personal injury or damage to the system, proper insurance means that you and the company are both protected. In Florida, the license for heating and cooling services requires a minimal level of insurance, and this includes insurance for property damage and their workers – so you’ll know that any licensed company in the state of Florida also has insurance!

Want to make sure a company is licensed for HVAC work in Florida? Check out the Licensee Search here!

Always On-Call

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Nothing is worse than having your AC kick off in the middle of a holiday or the weekend, especially in Florida. With soaring temperatures all year around, it’s critical that your trusted AC repair company is one that can help you out whenever your AC starts rattling, squeaking, buzzing, whirring, or blowing hot air. On-call work can be some of the most important, since it can often involve electrical problems, coolant leaks, or water damage – things that cannot wait for normal service hours. In Florida, you should never start a relationship with a business that won’t be able to respond to emergency service calls!

Most of the time, an AC company will charge additional fees for work outside of standard business hours. This is totally normal, but we’ll let you in on an industry secret. Keep an eye out for a maintenance plan like the Cool Rays Comfort Club. Not only do these kinds of plans provide complimentary services and great discounts, they also often remove overtime charges and prioritize service for members!

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