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Why You Should Replace your Florida AC System During the Fall

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As the summer season ends and temperatures drop into the 60s and 70s, we enter the off-season for cooling system services. While many homeowners might push AC troubles to the back of their minds, the fall may be the best time to do the opposite in Florida. It turns out that cooler weather is the perfect time to replace your HVAC system!

To celebrate cold temperatures on the horizon, we’ll explain why the fall season is the best time of year to replace your HVAC system and all the benefits you can receive by installing a new air conditioner in cold weather!

Take Advantage of Deals and Discounts

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Fall is the slow season for HVAC contractors, especially in Florida. Most of the year is hot, but our winters are not particularly cold. Florida HVAC technicians need more work when temperatures dip, even taking heater and furnace services into account.

As a result, many local heating and cooling companies will offer discounts, deals, and incentives during this time of year to attract customers. Take advantage of these deals to save money on your HVAC system replacement!

Avoid Emergencies

If you wait until winter to replace your HVAC system, you could find yourself without heating in the middle of a cold snap. But if you wait until summertime, you’re even more likely to be left without cold air during a heat wave! By replacing your system in the fall, you can avoid the possibility of needing emergency service, repairs, or replacements during the busier winter or summer seasons.

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Save on Energy Costs

Older HVAC systems typically have lower performance, use less-effective technology, and need more repairs – all things that raise your power bills and cooling costs. Replacing your system with a newer, more efficient model will help you save on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. 

Avoid Waiting Lists

In the peak summer season, HVAC contractors are often booked up, and you may be on a waiting list if you need an AC repair or air conditioning system replacement. However, during the fall season, you’re more likely to be able to schedule a new system installation at a time that works best for you – and sooner!

Schedule your Fall AC System Replacement with Cool Rays AC!

There are a ton of reasons why the fall is the best time to consider a new HVAC system installation. Not only will you save money on deals and discounts, but you’ll avoid emergencies, save money on energy costs, and avoid waiting lists. If you’re considering an HVAC system replacement, fall is the perfect time to take action! Contact your local HVAC contractor – like Cool Rays AC in Brevard County – today to schedule your new system installation during the off-season!

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