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Saving on Electric Costs with a Smart Home Thermostat

changing the smart  thermostat at home

Smart home technology has been huge for American homeowners lately, ushering in smart thermostats, making homes more comfortable, efficient, and fun. Being able to ask Alexa or Google to turn on lights, change a subscription, or play music is awesome. And now, smart home tech is helping us be happier than ever in our homes – with programmable thermostats!

A big question that we get is whether a smart thermostat can save you money (and how). Today, we will dive into the details of how smart thermostats work and what they can do for you and your family!

Cut Energy Costs with Smart Thermostats

man updating thermostat settings for his home smart thermostat

Smart thermostat technology is awesome – not only does it let you control your home’s desired temperature settings better, but they also bring you incredible energy savings.

Cooling costs are a major expense for most homes, especially in Florida. Smart thermostat features, like energy-saving mode and cooling system scheduling, save you money by optimizing when your air conditioning kicks on and off. But how much energy can you save from your energy bills?

A lot! Smart devices for your HVAC system can reduce your energy usage by 10 to 25% (depending on the climate and thermostat). Nest thermostat estimates that you can cut 15% off your energy bill, while Energy Star saves customers 8% on average.

Since cooling systems account for a big chunk of utility bills, no homeowner should pass up the chance at significant savings like that!

Features: How Most Smart Thermostats Save Energy Bill Costs

How do smart thermostats save money through saving energy? Simple – using a smart thermostat means more control, energy-efficient settings, remote access, and other features that don’t come with regular programmable thermostats.

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It’s a Programmable Thermostat

But it’s not just programmable. It’s smart. New thermostats will ask you about your scheduling, preferred temperature setting, and more during setup. The simple, easy-to-use interface and setup are also a great bonus!

(Oh, and did you know? Most smart temperature devices will also send you reminders for maintenance and changing your filter. That means even better efficiency and potential savings for smart homes!)

It Lets You Change Your Settings from Anywhere

Before, you would input your temperature settings and just let your temperature sensor do its thing while you were out of the house. Now, your smart device will connect to your phone through a smartphone app. These smartphone apps let you control your home’s heating and cooling while you’re away.

This also means that it will help you save money when you’re not at home and automatically switch to lower energy use while you’re away. After all, why not maximize your average savings by eliminating the extra cost to heat or cool an empty home?

thermostat smartphone app in kitchen

It Learns How to Maximize Your Energy Savings

Smart thermostats use AI to learn your habits, schedule, and preferences, leading to better cooling and heating schedules that will maximize your electricity savings. Then, it can automatically adjust the thermostat settings based on all the different factors that contribute to both comfort and the utility bill in your home!

It Tracks Your Energy Consumption

Want to learn when your heating bill got so high? Curious about how much more your heating system is costing you in cold weather? Then a smart thermostat is the right choice for you. The data that it collects daily will tell you all about your electric consumption and give you HVAC recommendations for using less energy.

Getting Your Own Smart Thermostat Installed

Are you ready to upgrade your own home? Cool Rays AC in Brevard County has you covered! We are a full-service HVAC company, meaning that we install a smart thermostat for cooling and heating systems in your residential space or vacation home. Call Cool Rays AC today to talk about your heating and air conditioning options!

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