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How Homeowners Prevent Costly AC Repair | Melbourne FL

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There are two things everyone loves to save: time and money. Unfortunately, the cost of unexpected AC repairs in Melbourne FL (and anywhere else on the Space Coast) is both of these, leading to a frustrating day (or week) where your home is hot and unhappy. In Florida, air condition is a necessity, no matter where you live. Most of the year, the AC runs overtime to keep your home cool. This leads to plenty of wear and tear on your cooling system, which can lead to broken parts, busted pipes, or a complete AC replacement if you aren’t careful. That’s why Cool Rays Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help homeowners with three important tips to keep your AC system running smoothly every month!

Clean the Drain Pipe & Condenser

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Basic maintenance is an important part of a happy, healthy home, and that goes for more than just your AC. Keeping your AC system running smoothly all year long is hard. But it does require a little bit of work, just like changing the car oil or cleaning leaves out of the gutter. For your air conditioning, you’ll want to regularly clean two things: the drain pipe and the outside condenser unit.

Your drain pipe takes accumulated moisture from your air conditioner and takes it outside – along with little bits of dust and dirt. Over time, the pipe can become a host to algae, mold, and mildew, leading to clogs that require a professional cleaning. Avoid calling anyone for this pesky problem by putting a cup of bleach OR a cup of vinegar and water through the drain line. This will clean out the collected muck for an easy path to the outdoors!

Check out our longer guide for cleaning your drain line for extra tips and information.

Your condenser is another important component that needs a little bit of help sometimes. Over time, the outside condenser will gather dirt, leaves, and dust on it and in the fins. Using your garden hose, you can give your condenser a much-needed bath whenever gunk starts to collect. Not only will this prevent damage to the unit, it will also make sure that the unit doesn’t have to work as hard to create cool air for your home. The harder your system works, the more likely it is to need repairs.

Check the Filter

Another basic item of your checklist for cooling system care? The air filter. Air filters capture dirt, dust, debris, animal fur, and other particles from your home before it is sucked into the vents. This makes sure that the air pumping through the system and into your home is clean. Unfortunately, after a month of hard work, your air filter will become dirty and clogged. If the air filter isn’t changed regularly, the AC has to work harder to pull air into the system – leading to an overworked system that’s not purifying the air. In some cases, this can even make your AC break down early and cut years off of your system’s lifespan.

So, in short, change your air filter (or clean it if it’s a reusable air filter) every single month to properly maintain your cooling system to avoid the cost of calling an HVAC company for an early AC repair in Melbourne FL.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

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If you haven’t scheduled your bi-annual maintenance with a professional, experienced Melbourne FL AC repair company, it’s time to pick up the phone. Having an HVAC technician on-site to conduct regular maintenance on your system will maximize your AC system’s lifespan while catching little problems before they become big issues. Routine maintenance from a company like Cool Rays Air Conditioning should do a few things: the technician will inspect the entire system to ensure that everything is running smoothly, from the refrigerant levels to the fan. They will also clean components that are collecting grime and let you know if there are any future repairs on the horizon.

We recommend getting your system checked twice a year, to prepare for both the summer and winter months. That’s why the Cool Rays includes BOTH as part of your Comfort Club package (along with great rates and discounts!). If you live outside of Brevard County, check to see if your local air conditioning repair company offers a maintenance plan for your home.

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