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Cut Costs While Keeping It Cool This Summer in Florida

While sunny skies, high humidity levels, and tropical breezes make for amazing beach days, hot island air is not so good for staying refreshed when it’s time to go inside. When the temperatures soar, it’s hard to resist cranking up the AC unit and driving up your electric bills, too.

But before you touch the thermostat, here are a few HVAC tips from your favorite island air conditioning company to help you stay comfy (and save money) during this summer’s hot days!

Quick Tips for Your Air Conditioning and Heating System

As professionals, we aren’t just going to tell you to schedule a service call for a quick AC repair or AC and heating installation. While HVAC system service is important, we have a few other tips to help you lower costs and temperature this summer!

Keep Your Doors Open (The Inside Ones)

open door in home

Florida residential spaces are awesome. Most homes have tons of windows and wide-open spaces to increase airflow for natural cooling. Opening up your inside doors helps circulate cold air throughout your home, decreasing the work your air conditioner has to do and making your space cooler.

Be Smart with Appliances

Air conditioning and heating systems aren’t the only appliances in your house that impact the inside temp. Your oven, dishwasher, and dryer are all big pieces of equipment that generate warmth when you run them – meaning that your air conditioning unit has to put in even more work to fight these heating products!

To increase your cooling efficiency during the hotter months, make sure that you use the oven, dishwasher, and dryer in the evening as often as possible. Your AC units will thank you for it!

changing the thermostat

Install a Better Thermostat

Believe it or not, a programmable thermostat is one of the best, low-cost things you can do to decrease your heating and AC expenses for a home or business. They’re specifically designed to regulate heat pumps and air conditioners (even an older unit) for better-quality comfort in your home.

Some can even be adjusted on your phone or programmed to kick on at a certain time so that your space is cooler at certain times of the day (and warmer when you’re not around). This can greatly impact your energy costs and the load on your HVAC equipment.

Turn on Your Fans & Dehumidifier

white and blue fan on a multicolored wall background

Your island air conditioning system is not the only thing that can keep you comfortable on a warm summer day.

Turn on your ceiling fans to help circulate air throughout any room, naturally cooling off the space. Fans don’t just move around the cold that’s pumped out through the ventilation system; the wind also helps by pulling away warmth from your body as it moves.

A dehumidifier pulls moisture from the space, drying it out and making it feel colder without actually using refrigeration. Awesome, right?

Indoor Air Quality for Your Comfort

If you don’t have a dehumidifier, don’t worry. Cool Rays AC helps our community with more than just AC installation services and repairs. We also offer IAQ solutions like dehumidifiers. Talk to our team about whether one would be right for you!

Call Cool Rays AC This Summer

Has your system gone out? Do you need same-day repairs or service? Is it time for a little seasonal maintenance? Cool Rays AC is a professional, family-owned, and customer-focused HVAC company with a team of technicians ready to help customers across Brevard county!

We service all residential models and major brands, with HVAC services that cover repair, installation, service, and replacement. Contact us today to schedule your service call (or give us a buzz for a last-minute emergency) to get your AC or heat pump back up and running, efficiently.

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