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Three Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC

a replacement air conditioner
A new air conditioner might be the solution to your AC problems!

Getting an AC replacement is one of the toughest, more costly decisions that you can make as a homeowner. However, heating and cooling systems aren’t designed to last forever, and putting off a replacement can cost you more money through repairs. A new air conditioning unit is more efficient, requires less upkeep, and will perform better every day. So when do you know when to it’s time for a replacement? You should always talk to a professional HVAC company, but it’s also important to know the signs yourself. Here are our top three indicators that it might be time for a new system!

1. Your Air Conditioner is Over 10 Years Old

Like we said, no system that you put into your home is designed to last forever. Most AC systems run for a good portion of every single day of the year, especially if you live in Florida. So it’s no surprise that an AC unit that is regularly maintained will last a home about 12-15 years. Once you hit the 10-year mark, however, it’s often more cost-effective to replace your air conditioner instead of making expensive repairs. A new system will also offer you the benefits of efficiency, including a lower electricity bill! Save money in the long run with an AC replacement.

2. Frequent Repairs and Breakdowns

salt corrosion on an air conditioner

Yearly tune-ups and diligent maintenance are key ways to extend the life of your air conditioner. Most breakdowns and repairs come from forgetting to keep up with regular maintenance. If your air conditioner frequently stops working during months of high heat, despite having regular tune-ups, this can be a sign that you should start planning for an AC replacement. This is a sign that something is wrong, and eventually it will be more economical to replace your system instead of spending money on repairs.

3. Sudden Change in Electric Bills

When your air conditioner starts getting older, it loses efficiency. One of the best ways to spot a problematic, older HVAC system is through your electrical bill. Your electricity usage should fluctuate a little bit every month, especially during the hotter and colder seasons. But when your bill goes up without any change in energy usage in your home, it’s time to call a professional. A noticeable increase in your bill that doesn’t go back down is a sign from your home that your system is struggling to keep up. An AC replacement may be the best option to both lower your bills and have a cooler house!

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