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Understanding Split AC Systems and How They Work

mini split air conditioning system inside a home

Looking at replacing your old AC system with something a little more efficient and effective? Then you’ve probably come across companies and blogs talking about split AC systems! Split HVAC systems are wonderful for many homes, especially in Florida, and this type of unit may be the perfect solution to your cooling needs. So, today we’re going to discuss these systems, how they work, and whether it’s the right choice for you!

What is a Split AC System?

Split-system air conditioners are a type of ductless air conditioning system. Yes, that’s right, they’re ductless! Mini-splits have one or more indoor units and an outdoor condenser, much like your standard AC systems. However, instead of pushing cold air through your home with ductwork, copper tubes pump refrigerant through the system to generate cool air at the indoor units. These tubes run from the indoor units, along the outside of your home, to the outdoor condenser.

Mini-split air conditioning systems can be used to supplement your central AC system, to air condition a porch or single room, or to provide AC to your entire home. Because they are ductless, mini-splits do not require attic space and can be installed in historical homes or houses with limited attic space (we’re looking at you, Florida!).

Pros and Cons of a Mini-Split AC System in Your Space

happy couple in brevard home with mini split installation

As we mentioned above, older homes and flat-roof houses really benefit from the lack of ductwork involved with mini-splits. But what else can you expect from a mini-split installation? What are the best (and worst) things about this kind of system? Let’s take a look.

Getting the Most from a Mini-Split

  • Lower Costs – Split-system air conditioning units save you money across the board. A ductless AC system can have three or four units hooked up to a condenser, and this gives you the advantage of zone cooling. Each unit has it’s own thermostat, meaning that you can some money and energy by only running the units that you need.
  • Flexible Design – When you work with your professional HVAC installer, you’ll be able to evaluate the best places for your system and where to put both the indoor and outdoor units. Unlike with central AC, you can choose to only install a split-system air conditioner in one room – or many!
  • Energy Efficient – Not only are mini-splits just straight up efficient, they also eliminate the energy loss of ducts. Your ductwork accounts for a large percentage of the energy loss when cooling your home, especially in hot climates like Florida.

Potential Problems with Split Systems

changing filter in split system ac unit

The primary problem with replacing your air conditioning with a mini-split is the cost. Even though you will save money by removing the need to install ductwork in your home, the system is still on-par with a central AC system. If you need multiple units or whole-house air conditioning, the cost could become prohibitive. However, mini-splits are great for sunrooms and porches in Brevard.

In addition to cost, some homeowners do not like the look of the indoor component on mini-splits (or don’t enjoy the copper tubing on the outside of the house). It’s true that mini-split ACs have a distinct, different look than central ACs – they aren’t low-profile. If you’ve got a particular aesthetic in mind for your home, make sure that ductless AC will fit in before you purchase!

Get a Professional Mini-Split AC Installation

If you’re considering a ductless AC system, then it’s definitely time to talk to a Brevard HVAC professional. With sizing, brand, and placement options, installation of a mini split can be complicated. Save time and money with an AC professional that you can trust – like Cool Rays AC!

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