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This may be no surprise, but we highly recommend not running your air conditioner until it totally breaks down. Our reasons for telling you this may be different than what you think. We see this a lot in our industry – homeowners delay the inevitable, in an attempt to save money, but end up spending unnecessary money on repairs. This is a situation we do not want for our customers. A much-needed AC installation could save you money in the long run. Let’s speak to that. If you have been contemplating replacing your home comfort system but are not sure how much life your unit has left. Check out some resources below.

  • Life Span – Tune-ups increase the energy efficiency of your unit which helps to extend the life of your Air Conditioner System.

  • Your Comfort – AC maintenance and tune-ups increase your comfort level so on the hottest days, your AC runs smoothly and optimally.

  • Peace of Mind – An AC in good working order means less stress on your daily living just wondering if it’s going to break down at any moment.

  • Wear and Tear – Parts can wear down over time with continued use; inspecting parts during the tune-up is beneficial.

  • Check the Condensate Drain Tube – If you see puddles around the surface of your AC while it’s running, you’ve got a clogged condensate tube. Fixing this pronto keeps bad bacteria away which forms slime and clogs the tube.

  • Change Filters Regularly – Air filters are a simple yet important tune-up item that need replacing seasonally and depending on use, sometimes every couple months.

  • Dirty and Clogged Filters – Filters also need TLC so they don’t harbor bacteria and other biological pollutants like dust mite debris (you don’t want to breathe bad air).

  • Broken Parts/Hazardous Leaks – Tune-ups ensure your unit has zero broken parts and NO Carbon Monoxide (CO) leaks which are extremely hazardous for your health and your family’s health.

  • Utility Bill – By keeping your HVAC tuned, your energy bill won’t go up unnecessarily and that equates to saved money in your pocket. 

  • Sinking Concrete Pad – If the pad supporting your outdoor unit is slowly sinking into the ground, get a professional to repair it. Check that there isn’t strain on the copper refrigerant tubes and electrical lines; if the unit is dry and level, then a little bit of sinking is fine, but if the lines are pulling tight or water is beginning to pool around the unit, a professional repair is a must.

  • Get Your Smart Thermostat Checked – A properly set thermostat helps with overall efficiency keeping your utility bill manageable. These convenient devices let you set your favorite temperatures for different times during the day/night, allowing you to control the comfort of your home when you need it most!

These helpful at-home tips along with Tune-up benefits for your AC means finding small problems sooner! And, getting scheduled for a tune-up now can help in keeping the need for emergency services at bay. You don’t want to have to wait longer for the technicians amidst the sweltering heat. As the temperatures keep rising, your AC will have to work harder, and we can help it do that efficiently. Get on our schedule now so your comfort isn’t compromised.

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