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Planning a summer vacation is exciting, but it’s crucial to prepare your home before you leave for travel and fun! Taking these few simple summer ac tips can ensure the safety of your property and give you peace of mind. Use this to guide you through the process of securing your home and belongings, focusing on your AC unit, appliances, and outdoor furniture.

  • Exterior : Protecting Your AC Unit

  • Remove any sticks or limbs from your outside unit. This will protect your system in the event of a powerful storm that causes wind to toss debris around.

  • Securing Outdoor Furniture:

  • Bring inside any outdoor furniture, grills, or loose items that could become projectiles in high winds.

  • Anchor or tie down larger furniture pieces using straps or ropes to prevent them from blowing away.

  • Store cushions and accessories in a safe, dry place to protect them from rain and wind damage.

  • Reinforcing Windows and Doors

  • Install storm shutters or use plywood to protect windows and glass doors from strong winds and debris.

  • Door reinforcement: Ensure your doors are properly reinforced with sturdy locks or hurricane-resistant materials. Consider installing deadbolt locks or reinforcing door jambs to make it more difficult for intruders or strong winds to compromise the security of your home.

Properly securing these vulnerable areas can help prevent damage caused by storms.

Interior: Thermostat and Surge Protectors

  • Adjust thermostat settings to conserve energy and maintain a comfortable environment. Set your AC thermostat to a temperature that will keep your home comfortable but not Arctic. Let it channel the Florida beach vibe by dialing it to a refreshing 85°F while you are gone. This way, your house can keep its cool while you’re enjoying your time away.

  • Invest in surge protectors for valuable devices and appliances, including your AC unit.

  • Unplug non-essential electronics: Before leaving, unplug any non-essential electronics and appliances to prevent them from potential power surges or electrical damage during storms. This includes TVs, computers, chargers, and small kitchen appliances.

  • Frozen Treats for Your Fridge: Your refrigerator and freezer can join in on the summer fun too! Adjust the fridge to a cool 38°F and the freezer to a frosty 0°F.  This way, you can keep your popsicles and ice cream perfectly chilled while you’re out chasing sunsets and enjoying the summer breezes. Bonus Tip that we always seem to forget: Ditch the old… clean out your fridge before you head on your trip as the last trash day before you leave approaches. This way don’t come back home to rotten food in the trash can or molding in the fridge

  • Water Heroes to the Rescue: Be a superhero for your home by installing a water shut-off valve. It’s essential to protect your house from potential water leaks or pipe bursts. The valve will save the day by automatically shutting off the water supply in case of emergencies, giving you peace of mind while you’re out enjoying the summer delights.

With these summer ac tips, your home will be ready to embrace the summer spirit while you embark on your vacation adventures. Soak up the sun, feel the sand between your toes, and return to a refreshed and ready-to-enjoy home sweet home! Happy summer travels from your friends at Cool Rays! Did you notice AC is not working at its prime? Give us a call before you head out on your vacation so we can do a thorough evaluation of your unit to ensure you are in tip-top travel shape. No Bad Days with Cool Rays!

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