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How Bad Insulation Could Be Raising Your Bills


When summer rolls around and temperatures rise, we often wonder about the best ways to save money while keeping the house cool. A well-kept secret behind better cooling might surprise you: your attic insulation!

Attic insulation is one of the most overlooked factors that affect the performance of your air conditioning system during the hot and cold months. Proper attic insulation helps maintain a constant and comfortable temperature within your home. On the other hand, poor insulation can make your AC system work harder than it needs to, resulting in increased energy bills and reduced cooling efficiency.

Do You Need Good Insulation for Your Attic? Yes!

Where does the heat go when the sun beats down on your home? Your attic! As the temperature of your attic rises, it can cause heat to radiate to other parts of your home – especially if you have poor insulation.

Proper insulation in your attic provides a thermal barrier that prevents heat from escaping into your living space from the rooftop and attic. With the right level of insulation in your attic, your air conditioning system can maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home without working double-time to counteract the heat accumulating in your attic space.

How Your Attic Insulation Helps Your Home in Summer

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Attic insulation is an essential component of any home that directly contributes to lower power bills, better cooling, and more effective humidity control. When installed correctly, attic insulation can improve your comfort all year long. After all, the insulating benefits also apply during the winter when your heater is running!

Lower Power Bills

Insufficient attic insulation makes your air conditioning system work harder than needed, which means more energy consumption and higher bills. So, not only will you be less comfortable during the summertime – you’ll also have to pay more for your power!

More Effective Cooling

Another benefit is better cooling. Insulation creates a barrier between a home’s attic space and living areas, which helps maintain a constant temperature. With proper installation, cool air can’t escape into your attic or the outside, and your house is insulated against rising temperatures outside. The air conditioning system can perform more efficiently, keeping a consistent temperature throughout the entire home and protecting your system from unnecessary wear and tear.

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Better Humidity Control

Humidity is the enemy of comfort during the summer months. When the air in your house is humid, it makes your space feel warmer and sticky. It also makes it easier for mold and mildew to develop in your bathroom, kitchen, closets, and beyond.

But the good news is that insulation controls the temperature in your home by preventing heat transfer through the attic and walls – and it also stops moist air from entering your living space. Some insulating materials even have a vapor diffusion retarder to prevent moisture buildup!

Insulating Your Space for Better Cooling Power

Investing in proper insulation for your attic can bring you many physical and economic benefits. As homeowners everywhere look for ways to be more energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint (and power bills), proper attic insulation can be an effective and easy first step. Consider new attic insulation when you face discomfort and high power bills in your Florida home!

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