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Three Signs It’s Time for a Cocoa Furnace Repair

A warm home is a welcoming, comfortable place when the temperature drops outside. But when your heating goes down (even in a mild Florida winter), it throws home comfort right out the window. A chilly house puts a damper on the holiday mood – and we haven’t even mentioned the cost of a Cocoa furnace repair or replacement!

However, everyone will eventually deal with heating and air conditioning repair in their home. Save time and money by learning the early signs that you might have a malfunctioning furnace in your Brevard home this fall or winter. Let’s take a look at the top three signs that it’s time to call an HVAC professional for your repair.

You Notice a Flickering or Yellow Pilot Light

cocoa furnace repair for pilot light

If you have a gas furnace, then you know that your pilot light is essential. But did you know that, beyond just making your furnace function, your pilot light can also tell you when something is going wrong with your heater?

A proper pilot light flame should always be lit, and the fire should be bright blue with a yellow tip. If you notice that your furnace’s pilot light is flickering, weak, or completely yellow, it’s a serious sign. A yellow or flickering pilot light could mean that the pilot tube tip needs to be clean, but it could also be a sign of excessive carbon monoxide.

Whenever you notice a change to your pilot, it is a definite sign that you need to call for a furnace check-up from your local Cocoa HVAC contractors.

You Hear Rattling or Scraping Sounds

air ducts for heater
Air ducts expanding and contracting can also make banging noises.

Rattling, banging, squeaking, and scraping sounds aren’t just annoying – they can also be a symptom of something bigger with your heat pump, zone heating, or heating unit.

Squeaking noises are often caused by a problem with your blower belt, while scraping could mean that you need your blower bearings replaced. Other popping, rattling, and banging noises are often a sign that something in your system is loose.

If you notice any kind of loud, persistent noises in your heater, make sure to turn the system off until a technician can arrive. Otherwise, you’ll risk wearing out old or loose parts, which can damage your system over time. Prevent costly furnace repairs with a fast HVAC service call!

Your Fan Runs All the Time

hand adjusting the thermostat

A common issue that Florida homeowners run into is their furnace kicking on and off all the time. Just like with your AC system, if your furnace is running all the time without heating your home efficiently, it’s a problem. Not only will this wear out your system faster, it will also bring home a higher energy bill.

Frequent cycling can be a sign of a few issues, but clogged filters are the most common culprit. A clogged air filter makes your system work twice as hard for poor heating and limited airflow. Change out your furnace air filters every three months (or more frequently if you’re running the heater often or you have smaller air filters).

If your heating system is still running all the time even after you’ve changed your air filter, there may be more to your issue. Call a furnace expert to have a closer look at your system and get down to the real problem!

Get Your Professional Furnace Repair in Cocoa, FL

Running into Cocoa furnace issues? Then it’s definitely time to talk to a Brevard HVAC professional. Don’t let your heating get put on hold this winter! Save time and money with a professional that you can trust – like Cool Rays Air and Heat! Call us today to get high quality heating and cooling all year long. We can even give you a free estimate on an air conditioning system or furnace replacement if a repair just won’t cut it.

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