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Save on Heating Costs in Florida’s Coldest Months

The coldest months are here! With weeks of lower temperatures ahead of us, many Florida homeowners are cranking up the heat to fight the chill during the days and nights. But with greater heat comes greater heating bills, and many of us are wondering what we can do to save on power costs while staying warm.

As your favorite Brevard HVAC company, we have our three top tips for staying warm while saving money this winter. From heating mistakes to easy tricks, we’ve got a few things up our sleeves for you this winter. Let’s check it out!

Tip #1: Don’t Crank the Heat Up Too High

hand adjusting the thermostat

Many homeowners and businesses are guilty of this in both the winter and the summer: turning the thermostat to very low or very high temperatures in order to try and maintain the temperature. Don’t worry, we’ve done it too.

The problem with this tactic is simple: your heater won’t heat more or faster by turning up the temp. In fact, the only thing that this will do is make your heater work harder and longer for dramatic results. This leads to wear and tear on your heater while making your power bill skyrocket. Set the temperature to a comfortable degree and wait, because your system is doing its best!

If you find that your heater keeps cutting on and off while trying to maintain a comfortable temperature, then it might be time for you to consider a variable or two-stage system, which will allow your system to more easily maintain how hot or cold it is inside. This is also a more efficient system, lowering your power bills even more.

Tip #2: Keep Your Air Filters Clean

clean air filter next to dirty air filter

Air filters do a lot of hard work all year long. This counts for the cold season as well! Keeping your air filter clean is a sure-fire way to get better heating results without raising the bills. But why?

When your air filter is dirty, clogged, or blocked in any way, it makes your system work harder to move the air through the ducts. This is true for any time of the year, and you will notice a significant difference if you’ve been forgetting to change your filters. In addition, you’ll also save your AC or heating system from overworking itself, leading to more repairs and higher maintenance costs.

No matter what season it is, you should be changing or cleaning your air filters about every month. For pet owners or people who are very sensitive to allergens, this might need to happen more frequently. Not only will you keep your bills down, you’ll also notice that your home has cleaner air!

Tip #3: Reduce Air Leaks in Your Home

front porch of a yellow house with a blue door

Poor weather stripping, cracks in windows, and other gaps in your house will lead to hot air leaving your house and cold air coming in. By doing some house maintenance or getting windows repaired, you can make a big difference in your heating needs in the winter. Staying comfortable shouldn’t break the bank, but you might be losing efficiency in places you just haven’t noticed. If your home has cold spots near certainly locations, like a door, try replacing weather stripping or looking for leaks. You might be surprised!

Still Cold? Call Cool Rays!

Staying comfortable is easy when you know a few simple tips and tricks to making your heat pump or furnace more efficient. Everyone likes saving money when it comes to power bills, and Florida homeowners are no exception! Use these three tips this winter and see how much you can lower your energy costs! If you are worried that something might be wrong with your system, call Cool Rays AC for professional, local HVAC help – and get your heater running smoother than ever!

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